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XLiNE motorsport is a company born out of love and passion for motorbikes and motorsports. For more than two decades, we have personally been active bikers both on the road and on the racetracks, and every so often even off-road ;). For this reason, we clearly understand the needs of every motorcyclist.

Lately, we have been dedicating a significant portion of our time to the demands of motorsports, because ultimately, motorsports are the last bastion of speed in safe conditions. Taking part in motorcycle races, and interacting directly with top contenders at WMMP, WSBK, IDM, Alpe Adria, including the EWC Endurance series, has provided us with unique opportunities to develop and deliver tailored solutions per customer-specific requirements.

With experience gained from working with customers, serving diverse customer demands, and the employment of modern technologies we specialize in motorcycle fairings production, dashboard covers, dashboard holders, racing seats. We are also fully equipped and competent for partial or complete decal fabrication and application. produkcji owiewek torowych, osłon liczników, stelaży, siedzeń wyścigowych jak również w oklejaniu motocykli.

Our primary objective is to produce uniquely reliable and original motorcycle fairings, both lightweight and durable for extreme conditions. Our long-staking efforts to improve the fairings production process have led us to an ideal solution. The results are: originally designed and extremely lightweight fairings with substantial durability, which we can personalize per customers’ requests.

Our dashboard covers are developed in cooperation with top contenders in the motorsports road racing world. Meticulously designed, this line of products incorporates two main features putting us ahead of the competition. One is the extreme durability of the product and the other is a special anti-glare surface treatment which does not allow any reflection of light and thus protects the competitor from being defocused or even blinded by reflecting sunlight. This combines a nearly indestructible product that keeps the dashboard safe from mechanical damage, keeps dust away, and adds weather resistance, with an eliminated safety concern. The durability of our dashboard covers is firmly recognized by top teams in the Endurance series and places us in line with the world’s top dashboard cover manufacturers.

We also produce motorcycle seats out of specialized materials which provide convenient body posture and guarantee sufficient grip during the ride.

Most importantly, our team works around the clock on future solutions, constantly improving our established products and anticipating future demands of motorcyclists expected to emerge with the ongoing development of motorsports.

Our company’s clou is product personalization according to the specific requirements of every individual customer. This includes customized graphic design projects, fairings’ decals of the highest quality, helmet decals, personalized motorcycle seats with embossed logo designs, dashboard covers with laser-etched logos.

Our team can be found at off-road happenings where we undertake various activities in pursuit of gaining new experiences. Continued cooperation with Motocross Championship’s top contender - Kamil Wojciechowski who regularly uses our products, brings new ideas and innovative solutions to the table which we gladly extend to all our clients.

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